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When can one modify a child custody order in Texas?

When parents go through a divorce in Texas, they generally result in the parents having a child custody order. These orders govern which parent will be making decisions for the children and when each parent will have the children with them. These initial child custody orders are made either by the agreement of the parents or by a judge after analyzing a number of factors to determine what is in the child's best interest.

How long does one have to pay child support in Texas?

Raising a child in Texas is not always an easy task. This is true both on the behavioral aspects of parenting and the financial side. It can be quite expensive to ensure that a child's needs are met. Parents generally work together in meeting the financial needs of the children, but if the parents divorce, this can be more difficult to do. So, generally after a divorce one parent will be ordered to pay the other child support to ensure both parents are contributing to the child's needs.

How collaborative law may work for high conflict divorces

When people decide to divorce in Texas, there is generally some level of conflict present. There is a reason that the couple is getting a divorce and are no longer together. Therefore, there are bound to be some disagreements along the way as they try and separate their life. People may have disagreements over child custody or child support, alimony, asset division or other issues. However, some couples have more disagreements than others.

Divorce mediators must keep almost all information confidential

There are many reasons that people end up divorcing from each other in Texas. This generally is not the easiest of situations to go through. The couple goes through the process of splitting up their one life into two lives which can cause some conflict and disagreements. They also are doing this during a fairly emotional time and many decisions are made initially based on those emotions as opposed to sound reasonable choices.

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