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Month: March 2020

How can a gray divorce affect your finances?

Divorce always causes financial consequences for both spouses, and those effects typically have a far greater impact on people who have been married for decades. Along with the emotional implications that divorce causes, so-called “gray divorcees” face a unique set of...

How to prepare for divorce mediation

Not all divorce proceedings need to be high-stress courtroom dramas. Mediation is an option for couples who are able to communicate and are willing to negotiate a divorce agreement with the help of a neutral third party. Mediation is not only a more peaceful way to...

3 divorce mistakes to avoid

Divorce is not something any couple wants to go through, but in some cases, it is inevitable. If you find yourself facing the end of your marriage, it is important that you prepare for what will happen in the coming weeks. The legal process is not something that you...

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