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November 2016 Archives

Tips to prepare for child custody mediation, Part 1

Child custody mediation is a process through which you and the other parent engage directly to come to a solution regarding the custodial arrangements of the child. During the mediation process and depending on your state's rules, you may or may not have legal counsel present. But you can always seek the advice of an attorney before and after the mediation.

Do you owe child support for an adopted child?

Yes, the answer is yes. Once you adopt a child, you accept full parental responsibility for that child ? you cannot avoid it just because the child is adopted. Adoptions usually begin as loving expressions of love, but it is easy to see how an acrimonious divorce could lead one parent to want to un-adopt a child. The question then becomes, can un-adoption relieve a parent of child support responsibility?

Some issues with collaborative divorce, Part 1

Collaborative law is a harmonious way to divorce someone but it isn't the only way, nor necessarily the best way. Collaborative law is a form of negotiated divorce in which both parties retain attorneys and try to work together toward a mutual divorce. But, the collaborative law also removes many of the investigatory and discovery aspects of traditional divorce, so you are trusting your spouse to make an honest production of evidence.

How parental substance abuse can affect a custody case

There's no denying that Central Texas has been hit hard by the methamphetamine and opiate drug crisis, just as most other areas of the country have been. Substance abuse of all kinds, including alcoholism, rips families apart, with the most vulnerable population of all being its collateral damage - the children of the addicts. As such, it's important to understand how parents with substance abuse problems can face uphill battles concerning the custody of their children.

Can parents decide their child support arrangements?

Yes, parents can and do settle their child support arrangements. But it is challenging and does not always succeed. Child support agreements are negotiated while you are engaged in your divorce, not exactly an environment that supports peaceful negotiations. This post will go over these agreements and how you might obtain one.

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