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Withholding child support can hurt your custody case

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2016 | Child Support |

In a contentious divorce, it is not uncommon for issues to become incredibly fraught and emotional. The issue of custody of any marital children, as well as visitation schedules, child support amounts, and similar concerns, can be some of the most difficult for soon-to-be former spouses to agree on during a divorce.

While spouses can and sometimes do reach agreements with the help of attorneys that don’t adhere to state standards, more often than not the amount is determined by the courts, particularly for the temporary support and custody orders often issued at the beginning of the divorce process.

Failing to pay support can hurt your chances of custody

The state of Texas determines the amount of support required based on the amount of income of the non-custodial and custodial parents, as well as the lifestyle that the family was accustomed to during the marriage.

If you are hoping to receive full or shared custody of your child at the resolution of your divorce, it is imperative that you pay the amount of child support requested in the temporary custody and support orders issued at the beginning of the divorce proceedings. Failing to do so can make you look bad to the courts, which can hurt your chances of a favorable outcome when the divorce is finalized.

Paying your support on time shows dedication to your parental obligations

While it can be frustrating, particularly if your temporary custody and visitation arrangements do not permit what you would prefer, making child support payments on time, via the family courts, is one of the best ways to strengthen your case for additional visitation or full or partial custody. It shows the courts that you are willing to put your children’s needs first. Failing to do so, conversely, can make you seem unreliable or neglectful.

Working with an experienced divorce attorney can also improve your odds of a favorable custody and visitation outcome, as they understand the rules of the courts and can advocate for your rights within the family court system.

If the child support amount seems unfair, an attorney can help

If you believe that the amount of child support required in your temporary support order during the divorce proceedings seems too high, an attorney can help. They understand the process of requesting a hearing to determine the appropriateness of the current amount of support ordered, as well as how to present financial evidence to the family courts during that hearing in a manner that will help make your case.

An experienced divorce attorney will also have an understanding of how child support amounts are determined, and they can help you make sense of how the state of Texas decided on that amount.