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What do courts look at when determining child custody?

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2017 | Child Custody

During the Texas divorce process, one of the most abrasive and difficult decisions to be made is child support. All parents want is what is best for their children, although their opinions may differ, often leading to a child custody battle.

The courts understand the importance of protecting the best interests of the children. If the couples are unable to make a mutually agreeable position regarding child custody, the courts may step in. When making a child custody decision, the courts consider many factors.

The courts often look at the role of each parent in their children’s lives. The courts will look at who is the primary caretaker. What does this mean? Typically, one parent plays a more significant role in a child’s upbringing. This may mean spending more time with the child, preparing and cooking meals, running errands with the child and doing things, like homework and putting the child to bed.

Depending on the situation and the child’s age, the courts may also speak with the child or children to get their own perspective on the relationship between them and each of their parents.

Considering the importance and long-term consequences regarding a child custody decision, if one is in the process of a divorce, it is important for one to understand what goes into this decision-making to prepare oneself. It may be in their best interests to reach out to a lawyer familiar with family law to get an understanding on the best way to proceed as one enters into a divorce.

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