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3 tips for having an affordable divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2018 | Uncategorized |

Divorce can be hard on your emotions and your wallet. Your concerns over financial strain may make you afraid to move forward with the process, even if you are unhappy in your marriage. Thankfully, not all divorces need to be expensive. 

In fact, ending your marriage can be quite affordable. Here are some tips for getting a low-cost divorce:

1. Mediation instead of litigation

Mediating your divorce is cheaper than litigating it. Rather than both of you hiring your separate attorneys and fighting over everything in court, you can simply hire one neutral lawyer who works as a negotiator. The goal of mediating your divorce is to break up in an amicable way. If you do not find that mediation works for you, a collaborative divorce is another cost-effective option. 

2. Do not insist on having the last word

You are probably unhappy with your spouse, but you do not want to get revenge only to drive up your own legal fees. Resist the temptation to always “be right” or “make a point.” You do not need to take the bait from your partner if he or she is trying to get you into a squabble. You will only end up fighting about insignificant issues that are not worth it. 

3. Take responsibility for your future

It is easy to feel like a victim during your divorce. While your spouse may try to make you miserable, you are in charge of your own life. Realize you have the power to shape your own future and chart your own path. Keep in mind that the most satisfying way to get revenge is simply by having a happy life. 

You may be surprised, but saving thousands on your divorce is possible. By taking these guidelines to heart, you can take control of your divorce rather than letting it control you. If you choose an alternative to court fights and remain reasonable, you can get an affordable divorce.