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Adopting can prove difficult for LGBTQ couples in Texas

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2020 | Same-sex Couples & Divorce |

There are thousands of children in Texas in need of homes at any given point. Some only need temporary homes to live in while other family members recover and rebuild lives to take them back. Others would thrive in permanent solutions. The LGBTQ community has served as foster parents for many children, including those who fall outside the preferred demographics adoptive parents usually look for. 

Yet, when LGBTQ parents wish to adopt children in Texas, they may face obstacles. PBS reports that, in 2017, Texas made it legal for adoption groups to deny the privilege of parenting based on sexuality, marital status and religious beliefs. However, more liberal adoption groups do exist that may assist the LGBTQ with adopting foster children. 

Opposition from the American Bar Association

In 2019, NBC News reported that the ABA made its stance clear on matters of discrimination against prospective parents. The organization called out states for sanctioning the discrimination and vowed to do what it could to help support the parental rights and privileges of members of the LGBTQ community. It believes that the community should have equal access to foster care placements all across the country. 

Parenting statistics for the LGBTQ community

Up to 3.7 million children in America have at least one LGBTQ parent in the house. Of these children, 200,000 live with same-sex parents. Despite the outcry from conservative communities, studies continue to show that children in these households are as happy and healthy as those raised by straight parents. 

It may take some time for America to truly embrace the LGBTQ community as capable and competent parents. Until then, the LGBTQ community has several organizations rallying to support their cause.