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Avoid these 4 serious divorce mistakes

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2022 | Divorce |

Not all divorces are straightforward or simple. Some have conflicts, or there may be one person who doesn’t want to negotiate.

While going through your divorce, you might be ready to do anything to end the marriage and move on, but you have to take steps to protect yourself.

Don’t make these divorce mistakes, because they could cost you a significant amount of money and have a negative impact on your future.

  1. Agreeing to anything to end the conflict

Between arguments with your spouse and frustrations over your divorce, you may be ready to agree to anything to resolve the situation. Don’t make that mistake. You have a right to a fair share of your marital property. You deserve to seek the support you need, too.

Even though your divorce may be frustrating, you shouldn’t ignore your own needs. If you start having arguments with your spouse or you can’t seem to agree, talk to your attorney about dispute resolution options or even litigating your case to get what you need.

  1. Feeling guilty and agreeing to less

Don’t feel guilty or agree to take less just because you may have made a mistake in the past. Texas is a community property state, so you should be able to seek out around half of all your marital assets. There is often some flexibility, but that’s a good place to start.

  1. Being inflexible

Being inflexible could hurt your case, too. You need to focus on flexibility and a willingness to negotiate. At the same time, know your boundaries and limits. For example, if you need to get 50% of the value of your home, you may not want to negotiate that. You could, however, be willing to negotiate with other assets to help end your property division disputes.

  1. Doing it alone

Finally, focus on getting the support you need. Don’t do it alone. You deserve support as you go through this challenge.

These are four divorce mistakes to avoid. You deserve to get what you need out of your divorce settlement. There is support to help you make decisions that are fair and reasonable.