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How to make a summer divorce easier on the children

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2023 | Divorce |

There is no ideal time for parents to divorce. Whenever you do it, it will affect your children. Divorcing when the kids have end-of-year exams could make it difficult for them to focus on revising, so you might be waiting until the summer vacation begins to break the news and start the divorce process.

Doing that allows them time to process it all without breaking down in tears when surrounded by classmates in a history lesson.

But, eventually, they will have to go back to school once summer break is done. Here are some ways to make that easier for them:

Encourage them to tell some of their friends during the holidays

Telling a few close friends during the holidays means they do not get to spend the whole summer trying to deal with it alone. It also means they have a support group ready to defend them from upsetting questions or comments from other kids who only find out when the new school year starts.

Inform someone at the school

Many kids suffer temporary drops in performance when their parents divorce. Others have behavioral issues, perhaps because their emotions are so stretched trying to deal with the divorce that they snap easily when a classmate does something or a teacher reprimands them for something minor.

Telling the school allows staff to keep an eye on your child and let you know if the divorce is having a noticeable effect. It also allows teachers to give your child some leeway. For example, giving your child extra time to do their homework when they forget it in the other parent’s house.

Getting help to examine custody options can also help you decide on a schedule that allows your child to continue schooling as normally as possible.