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How technology is changing co-parenting

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2023 | Child Custody |

The advancement of technology is impacting almost everything in the world, including co-parenting. Raising children in two homes has its challenges, such as lack of consistency, discipline differences and communication problems. And technology is focused on solving such issues.

This guide discusses how technology is changing co-parenting:

Shared calendars

Dates and times are crucial in co-parenting. If one parent forgets to do something at a specified time, conflicts can arise.

Shared calendars prevent these issues, as both parents have the schedules on their phones. Each parent can color-code the days they will have the kids, events and appointments. Parents can also mark holidays on the calendar, noting who will be with kids on each holiday.

Further, most calendars allow parents to request a change to the schedule on the platform. Therefore, they don’t need to call or text each other about such changes.


Many co-parenting apps have a storage feature – parents can upload school, medical and custody paperwork. If one needs a document, they can quickly access it instead of contacting the other parent to send it or trying to find it in filing cabinets at home.

Additionally, parents can upload photos of the kids. This allows each parent to connect with the kids even when they are with the other parent.


Tracking shared expenses on paper and being unable to account for money can lead to fights between co-parents. But technology is changing this. Many co-parenting apps have a budget feature that lets parents track shared expenses.

Additionally, banks now offer automatic bill payments. Co-parents can pay monthly bills and child support automatically, reducing the issue of forgetting or delaying making payments.

Co-parenting is becoming easier with technology. But if your co-parent gives you a hard time, you should get legal help to protect your kids’ interests.