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Communication challenges for divorced parents

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2023 | Divorce |

One problem for divorced parents is when they struggle with communication. In some cases, this means that communication just doesn’t happen when necessary, leading to all sorts of complications. But the type of communication that the parents engage in can also cause disputes or stress between the two of them.

This is why co-parenting experts stress that healthy communication is crucial as this relationship moves forward. The couple may be divorced, but they do still have to co-parent and they will always be connected through their children. It’s critical that they find ways to communicate that work for the entire family, even when it is hard.

Consider the medium

One potential option is to change the medium in which this communication occurs.

For instance, some parents see the most stress when they communicate face-to-face. They don’t get along and things tend to get emotional. Even little issues, like the other person’s tone of voice, can cause disputes and arguments.

For parents in this position, it may be best for them to use written forms of communication when possible. This could include text messages, email messages or even a dedicated app designed specifically for communicating. Either way, it allows parents to slow down, prepare a draft of what they want to say, go back over it to see if it actually communicates what they are intending, and then send the message. This can help to remove emotional responses, and it creates more distance between the parents so that they can exchange important information without feeling that they are at odds with one another.

Communication is only one of the challenges of co-parenting. Those who are in this position need to make sure they understand all of their legal options.